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 Sail & Cruise Inc.

The Manufacturer

of Underwater Metal

Detectors & Search Equipment


Hand Held Metal Detectors Hand Held Metal Detectors:
Pulse 6X and Pulse 8X are commercial grade underwater metal detectors that will locate all metals ferrous and nonferrous.  The Diver Mag1 hand held magnetometer locates ferrous metals (iron/steel), and detects them from much greater distances than metal detectors.  All work equally well on land and underwater.
Boat Towed Metal Detectors:
Sail & Cruise Inc.Pulse 10 and Pulse 12 boat towed metal detectors will locate ferrous and nonferrous targets while being towed from a boat.  The Proton 4 boat towed magnetometer locates ferrous metals from much greater distances than metal detectors.

Boat Towed Metal Detectors

Cable Tracker Cable Tracker:
Sail & Cruise Inc.Cable Tracker 1 (CT-1) system was specifically designed to locate and track buried cables including power and communications cables. The system locates cables buried on land and underwater. The CT-1 will not only locate and track cables, but also identify fault or break points exposed to water.
Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV):
Sail & Cruise Inc.ROVs are completely mobile, high performance underwater camera systems capable of moving in any direction. With these ROVs your team can locate, inspect, and videotape an underwater site without having to enter the water!
ROV Remotely Operated Vehicles

Remote Metal Detector

Remote Metal Detector (ROV):
The RMD-1 is a high performance Pulse induction metal detector that can be attached to any towed underwater system or ROV. The remote metal detector's unique design makes it immune to the electrical noise generated by an ROV. The RMD-1 detects both ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects on and under the ocean floor while ignoring minerals in the seabed.

Boat Deployed Video

Hand Held & Boat Deployed Video:
Sail & Cruise Inc.offers a complete line of underwater video systems including a mini-cameras for helmet mounting, diver-held cameras, drop down cameras to view the bottom, towed cameras, and two Remote Operated Video (ROV) systems .  Each is connected to the surface with an umbilical and capable of videotaping  underwater objects.
Sonar Systems:
Sail & Cruise Inc.manufactures both side scan sonars systems and scanning san Sonar is a towed system that allows large areas to be searched quickly, The side scan produces a high resolution image of the ocean bottom and any objects lying there. Scanning sonar is ideal for searching smaller areas. The scanning sonar transducer can be lowered from a boat or attached to an ROV. A high resolution image of the bottom up to 40 meters from the sonar head is produced on a laptop or desktop PC. Sail & Cruise Inc.also manufactures an underwater altimeter. This specialized sonar system attaches to any towed equipment and shows the distance between the towed device and the bottom.

Side Scan Sonar

Pingers Pingers and Pinger Receiver:
Sail & Cruise Inc.has added pingers and a pinger receiver to their extensive line of underwater search equipment.   Pingers are acoustic devices that can be attached to, or dropped on any underwater site allowing it to be quickly and easily relocated. Fishers Pinger Receiver is gun-like instrument that detects the acoustic signal generated by the pinger. The receiver can be carried by a diver or deployed from a boat.
Sail & Cruise Inc.offers many accessories to make you're underwater search operation faster and easier. The Deep Dive Wing allows for deeper towing without the use of long lengths of tow cable.
Deep Dive Wing


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